Patching the Ajax Control Toolkit Calendar Extender control to show a Month or Year

Edit: I have implemented Zhi-Qiang’s version of the Month calendar view and made some minor adjustments. You can find it here:

Edit2: I have just finished recreating the Ajax Control Toolkit Calendar Extender modifications from scratch, without looking at my previous code or article. That article may be found here:

I used to have code on my website that allowed you to modify the Ajax Control Toolkit to show a Month or a Year in the calendar extender control. A third party has now made claim to the code, so I have removed it as a precaution. If you have downloaded that modification, please destroy the code. Do not use that code and do not publish it elsewhere. 

This idea was first registered on CodePlex on February 15th 2007, well before the time I worked for the third party company and probably before they even knew about the Ajax Control Toolkit. If you want to provide a new patch for this on CodePlex, make sure you get a waiver from your company, otherwise things could become complicated when someone thinks they’ve got something unique, even though it’s obvious to the rest of us. But you must not use my code and you must not use my article.

And finally some links that provide a few hints to do with the Ajax Control Toolkit. They use standard internal methods inside the Ajax Control Toolkit Calendar Extender control to achieve this.

An alternative solution to selecting either Month or Year is found here and looks nothing like my code. It’s good to see Microsoft support coming up with these great solutions. All the calls are standard Ajax Control Toolkit Calendar control methods.

Adding a close button to the Calendar Extender control, and date restriction:

So it’s good to see you all would have found a solution anyway if I hadn’t have posted my code – and there are a stack of other links, you just need to look for them!

If you just want to change the calendar mode displayed on selecting the calendar, but still select a day, this can be done by looking here:

And finally a jQuery calendar control on Rick Strahl’s blog. It’s just a normal calendar control, but the javascript is jQuery, which is cool. I hope the Ajax Control Toolkit inherits some of this.

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