Curing Cancer

My brother is Gavin Wright, a thoracic surgeon, an Associate Professor, and the Director of Oncology (that’s cancer) at St Vincent’s Hospital here in Melbourne.  This week they’ve announced a significant breakthrough in the treatment of Lung Cancer. They’ve analysed 1000 tumors over the last 8 years and found a common gene in about 1/5 of the cases. It is expected that the gene will be able to be targetted by tablets, rather than aggressive chemotherapy. This find could improve the survival rates for thousands of people around the world. See the article here:

See the video here:

If you would like a chance to donate to a really good cause, where the money will definitely make it into the hands of productive researchers that actually make a difference, you can write a cheque out to St Vincent’s Foundation with a request to be donated to the Clinical Lung Cancer Genome Project, or go to, click on the Donate Here button, and put a comment in that you request the donation to end up in the hands of the Clinical Lung Cancer Genome Project.

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