Installing Angular 2 to run with Visual Core 1.0 in Visual Studio 2015

I initially had a lot of trouble even finding references to people using Angular 2 in Visual Studio 2015. It seems that no matter what I fiddled with, there were failures at every turn. It ended up being quite tricky to get it working. In the end I found that the best way to get going in Visual Studio 2015 was to use yeoman to create your base. And then work backwards to figure out where I went wrong.

Yeoman is yet another package manager. Basically, smart people put together packages with technologies that they think are right together, and submit the packages to yeoman. You go to and you can look up the packages that others have put together.

I initially tried via the yeoman web site, clicked on Discovering Generators, then searched for Angular2, and found the aspnetcore-angular2 package. It was ok, but I had trouble getting it working with ES5.

I recently went to NDC Sydney, and saw a session by Steve Sanderson. He has put together a great yeoman package that works with Visual Core 1.0 in Visual Studio 2015. The package is called generator-aspnetcore-spa, and installation details are available from his web site: Steve Sanderson’s blog. It has been updated to RC4, and the TypeScript target is set to es5, so it will run on most popular modern browsers.

The beauty of Steve Sanderson’s package is that it also supports React as well, in case you want to give that a try.

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