Impressed owner of a new Zune!

April 3, 2007

I am in no way a gadget person. You don’t see me sitting at a desk with my earphones on. Which is why when I found myself the owner of a new Zune I was skeptical about what I would do with it.

You see, I entered the work internal SQL Server competition at Readify. It was a 20 week competition with roughly 5 difficult questions a week, and was put together by MVP Greg Low (see Well, I won! It looks like I’m 2nd best SQL Server person at Readify (after Greg, of course). And I now own a Zune.

I plugged it in for the first time last night to try it out. It’s actually pretty good. It has a 30Gig hard drive and gave me a 14-day free pass to access online content (music). So I downloaded a whole lot of stuff from the Zune marketplace – it’s US centric, as the Zune hasn’t been released here in Australia yet. I was disappointed it didn’t have some albums I like, but it did have enough music that I did like to pretty much make up for it.

I liked the quality of the movie playback. That was impressive. I might put a few Doctor Who episodes onto it and sync a few webcasts. Then it might become really useful. But I still don’t think you’ll see me sitting at a desk with earphones on.

The kids are over at Mum and Dad’s today, and Jarod pleaded to take it with him (he really IS into gadgets). So he’s over there listening to Snee Snore Snappy and the Frog Song (the new mix of the Axel F theme from Beverley Hills Cop.) I do hope I get it back in one piece!